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  • 0210003
  • 280 mm x 185 mm
Sit back and enjoy Extremely hot but still ideal to eat using your hands. Use the wide... more

Sit back and enjoy

Extremely hot but still ideal to eat using your hands. Use the wide opening to fill the PaniniBag without burning your fingers. We’ll show you how easy it is!

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Hot and crispy to go

It’s amazing how well the PaniniBag keeps a calzone, panini or piadina hot and crispy. Even after 20 minutes, your customer’s mouth will water when they bite into a hot baguette, crispy flatbread or the warm, melty cheese on a bread-based snack.

A sausage roll or hot wrap should likewise be enjoyed hot and crunchy while on the go. A hot cheese stick, slice of pizza or focaccia from the grill present themselves in a hot dimension. A snack in the PaniniBag, with no grease stains or oily hands – ready to enjoy.


Sooo simple and practical!

PaniniBag Anleitung 01

1. prepare the snack

PaniniBag Anleitung 02

2. wrap it

PaniniBag Anleitung 03

3. seal it

PaniniBag Anleitung 04

4. rip it open

PaniniBag Anleitung 05

5. enjoy


Are people talking about your hot snacks?

Ihre Snacks sprechen sich schnell herum.

Your sales assistants will be thrilled and sell even more. The modern PaniniBag, with its quick and easy self-adhesive closing feature, makes everyone mighty proud to hand it over to the customer..

In your customers’ hands, word will soon get out that there’s something special in the PaniniBag.

The result of the chic design and a strong identification with the product on the part of your salespeople will result in higher profit margins.


Der PaniniBag sicher verschlossen.

Hot snacks, now available to go

More excited customers enjoying your hot and crispy snacks for lunch. In the office, in the car, on the construction site and in the schoolyard. The PaniniBag takes your hot snacks to a new level. People are buying something delicious and attractive here!

Mehr Umsatz dank sauberer Kleidung.

Available to go = higher turnover

Hot and mostly greasy products are sold more often if they can be eaten while on the go. No greasy fingers or stained clothing – but 100% enjoyment.

Der PaniniBag speichert die Wärme.

Hot, hotter, hottest

The unique construction, which uses two-ply paper, lets steam escape while keeping heat in. Your snacks will stay hot and fresh – your customers will love them.


Umweltschutz bei ELLER

Environmentally friendly and harmless

The Finnish-produced paper is breathable, grease-proof and holds in warmth. The wood used to produce the paper comes from sustainable forestry. The printing inks are made of vegetable oils and their ingredients are verifiably harmless to health. The PaniniBag is manufactured in the Black Forest to the highest food safety standards.

The environment is close to our hearts!

Possible applications: Self-service counters with spit protection
Food inspiration: Bagels, Sandwich, Filled baguette, Panini
Tear-off perforation: Tear off perforation
Greaseproof: Medium grease density
Heat resistance: Keep warm up to 85°C
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