HotDog Hurricane

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HotDog Hurricane The innovative hotdog packaging with quick pop-up function for... more

HotDog Hurricane
The innovative hotdog packaging with quick pop-up function for holding in one hand.

A hot dog can be more than just a boiled sausage. As one of the most popular fast food dishes, it is especially popular for lunch and as a quick snack on the go. Grilled, steamed or boiled - with exceptional recipes, you can expand your snack offering with a quick and versatile to-go meal. It is not a question of class, a hot dog is always eaten without cutlery!

Clever designed | store, prepare and enjoy
Place the hot dog directly in the To Go packaging.

HotDog Hurricane wird flach angeliefert


The practical cardboard packaging of the HotDog Hurricane is delivered flat so it takes up as little space in your warehouse as possible. Ensuring you always have enough packaging on site.

PopUp Funktion zum Aufstellen

Pop-up function

Preparing the HotDog Hurricane is simple and intuitive. With just one hand, the flat tray is transformed into stable To Go packaging with the pop-up function. The other hand remains free to prepare the hotdog in the packaging. Pick up the Hurricane, transform it and prepare all in one flow.

Komfortabler Verzehr mit dem HotDog Hurricane


The HotDog Hurricane is the result of close collaboration with experienced snack experts. Its one-handed operation allows hotdogs to be prepared directly in the packaging. The flat side walls safely capture any falling ingredients.


Delicious hot dog recipes.
With helpful calculation and list of ingredients (german language)

Sell really delicious hotdogs! Our partner ‘Develey’ has put together four hotdog recipes that will turn your customers into real hotdog enthusiasts with simple ingredients and helpful pro-tips. The recipes may be downloaded and used for free.


Always in professional hands
Our partners provide you with the best ingredients and support you with preparation and marketing.

We have strong partnerships with successful companies in the food industry to better understand the needs and desires of our customers. This allows us to develop packaging that makes handling easier and faster. With packaging from ELLER foodPackaging, you receive well thought-out and time-saving packaging solutions. Are you still looking for fresh ingredients, the perfect hotdog sauce or a hotdog grill? Then we would recommend the following partners:

HotDog sauces and relish
Hotdog sausages and meat products
HotDog toppings and ingredients
Everything about bread and rolls
High speed ovens & snack advice

Food inspiration: HotDog
Material: Paperboard
Available downloads:
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