Wribbon® rapid small

Wribbon® rapid small
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  • Innentasche 25 cm x 19 cm
Sit back and enjoy Just like that, your snacks will become real stars. Packaging is... more

Sit back and enjoy

Just like that, your snacks will become real stars. Packaging is child’s play and unbelievably convenient. We’ll show you how to use the Wribbon® as a preparation underlayer for smoothly packaging your snack.

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Premium, fast and hot

A massive, piping hot premium burger, refined with flavourful sauces, a spicy chicken pocket or the latest gyros snack. With the Wribbon®, countless products can be warmed up, freshly prepared and wrapped to dig into on the go.

The Wribbon® gives you the perfect packaging to guarantee that your hand-crafted products can be transported, eaten with the hands and enjoyed mess-free.


Quick to wrap!

Wribbon Anleitung 01

1. prepare the snack

Wribbon Anleitung 02

2. position it

Wribbon Anleitung 03

3. wrap it

Wribbon Anleitung 04

4. seal it

Wribbon Anleitung 05

5. sell it


Premium burgers: the mega-trend

Burger ohne Kleckern im Auto genießen.

It can even be taken into the car

Freshly ground premium burgers are more popular than ever before. The trend of “conscious cuisine”, combined with the opportunity to enjoy the best-ever taste while on the go, generates additional profits and good returns.

Offer your snacks freshly prepared or heated in a high-speed oven. The inner pocket of the stylish Wribbon® is oven-safe and makes handling so much easier.

The Wribbon® is your “turbo” for authentic flavour, satisfied customers and increasing sales.


Wribbon Geschwindigkeit


The oven-safe inner pocket enables the best hygienic handling. Prepare, heat if necessary and hand over the chic, wrapped snack.

Schöne Anmutung des Wribbon.

Practical and attractive

Your snack doesn’t just look great with the Wribbon® – you can also eat it on the go, completely mess-free. Your customers will not forget this snack any time soon; they’ll become regulars.

Geld sparen mit dem Wribbon.

Trendy and affordable

With the Wribbon®, you’ll be one of those who can package a great food product attractively and practically. And you’ll save all sorts of packaging costs by avoiding the usual burger boxes.


Umweltschutz bei ELLER

Environmentally friendly and harmless

The inner pocket of the handmade Wribbon® is oven-safe and features a grease-resistant coating that’s absolutely free of harmful substances. The sandwich sleeve is also 100% food-safe and uses no optical brighteners.

The wood used to produce the paper comes from sustainable forestry; the printing inks are made of vegetable oils and their ingredients are verifiably harmless to health. The Wribbon® is manufactured in the Black Forest to the highest food safety standards.

The environment is close to our hearts!

Possible applications: Free-standing self-service concepts
Food inspiration: Burgers, Bagels
Tear-off perforation: Tear off perforation
Greaseproof: Medium grease density
Heat resistance: Keep warm up to 85°C
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