Culisto® aquaTura® ovenable

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  • 290 mm x 303 mm
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See the Culisto ® in action This product video will show you the easy handling of the... more

See the Culisto® in action

This product video will show you the easy handling of the Culisto®. If you want to try the product for yourself, order your free samples box on top of this page.


The hot ToGo packaging

Your first bite into a fresh, hot burrito will be unforgettable with the Culisto®! In the morning a breakfast burrito with egg and ham, at lunchtime a pulled pork burrito or a Salad Wrap.

Pack any wrap with fresh vegetables or Greek pita roll with fine feta cheese. The classic kebab or Yufka role feels as securely packaged in Culisto®. Everything can be easily prepared, quickly packed, heated and enjoyed comfortable in Culisto®.


Sooo simple and practical!

Culisto Anleitung 01

1. Preparing snack

Culisto Anleitung 02

2. Inserting snack

Culisto Anleitung 03

3. Wrap the packaging

Culisto Anleitung 04

4. Enjoy


Burritos ToGo – refreshing young!

Burrito Genuss am Strand.

Whether for lunch or dinner, with the Culisto® you can serve hot snacks simpler than ever before!

Freshly prepared and heated in Culisto®, you can target the young burrito loving audients and the rising demand for a quick snack on the go to be optimally served. The Culisto® allows a wide range of uses and guarantees cold and hot additional income – easily.

Reduce your costs to a minimum and heat your snacks directly in Culisto®. Our clever choice of material is heat resistant and can be used directly in the oven. Guaranteed free of aluminum and made from recyclable paper!

Pursue the time and don’t use aluminum!


Perfekte Hitzezirkulation im Culisto

Optimum climate without sweating

A package is more than just a shell around a snack. The Culisto® holds the tortilla dry and stores the heat inside. Our wet-strength paper isolated your snack and keeps it fresh longer.

Der Culisto ist Aluminiumfrei!

Guaranteed without aluminum

Aluminium is an expensive commodity which is not undisputed in contact with food. The Culisto® offers compared with aluminum many advantages and is also recyclable.

Der Culisto sieht gut aus.

Grandiose appearance

The Culisto® is not only free of harmful substances, but also looks damn good! Printed with our colors, which are made of vegetable oils, it underlines the quality of the snacks thus ensuring a lasting impression!


Umweltschutz bei ELLER

Printing ink from vegetable oil

The Culisto® of ELLER food packaging is made of wet-strength special paper – renewable and sustainable. The selection of materials of paper, paint and adhesive was selected under the strictest guidelines for use in the oven and in the microwave and carefully tested.

The breathable paper Culisto®s comes from sustainable forestry it keeps the snack warm and has a particularly high fat density. The inks for the packaging design are made from vegetable oils and demonstrably from health-safe ingredients.

The Culisto® is manufactured in the Black Forest with the highest food safety standards. This guarantees maximum security and confidence in an excellent packaging solution.

The environment is close to our hearts!

Possible applications: Self-service counters with spit protection
Food inspiration: Wraps, hot Wraps, Sausage rolls, Burritos
Material: aquaTura® sustainable raw materials
Tear-off perforation: Tear off function
Greaseproof: Medium grease density
Wet strength: High wet strength
Heat resistance: Keep warm up to 85°C, Heatable up to 220°C
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